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SKU 7963-0015
Weight 71.800000
Understanding the Part Number

– The stands for a “” section v-belt. This is considered a “Classic” v-belt style that has a top width of 7/8 (0.875) inches and a thickness of 17/32 (0.531) inches.

– inches is the inside circumference of the belt.  For -section v-belts, the outside circumference is found by adding inches to the inside length of the belt.  So, the outside circumference of the belt is inches (+).

  • Flex-Weave Cover – The Gates SVS4/C10.56 2.3/8 v-belt is a wrapped belt that features a patented single layer fabric construction for longer cover life.  The cover protects the belt core from oil dirt and heat.  The wrapped cover also makes the belt suitable for clutching applications.
  • Flex-Bonded Cords – The Hi-Power II belt line utilizes a proprietary  core material blend that strongly bonds the polyester cords to the body of the belt, resulting in uniform load distribution and absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.
  • Gates Curves – The belt cross-section has been optimized to provide proper cord support and full contact with the pulley to provide uniform loading, uniform wear, and increased belt life.
Recommended Applications:
Gates Hi-Power II SVS4/C10.56 2.3/8 v-belts are high quality, heavy duty belts that can be used in a variety of industrial and agricultural power transmission applications. These belts are used in HVAC applications, conveyor systems, centrifugal pumps, air compressors, crushers, and more.
Matching / Multi-Belt Drives:

Part of the V80 Matching System - Gates Hi-Power II SVS4/C10.56 2.3/8 v-belts can be used individually in a single vbelt drive or can be used in sets of 2 or more belts for higher horsepower applications.  All belts in a multiple belt drive must be within a certain length tolerance in order for the belts to work together to provide the full design horsepower.  In the past, manufacturing tolerances were wider and each belt was assigned a match number that indicated its exact length within the manufacturing tolerance.  Gates invested heavily to reduce manufacturing tolerances.  The result was the V80 matching system that ensures that every SVS4/C10.56 2.3/8 belt can be used in a matched set, regardless of batch or lot.  An alternative to using a set of individual belts is to use a joined or banded belt such as the Gates C-Section Hi-Power II PowerBand belt.

Requirements Met:

RMA oil and heat resistant standards.

RMA static conductivity requirements.

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Part NumberPriceHorsepower Rating (1) on a 9” PulleyHorsepower Rating (1) on a 7” PulleyShock LoadBackside IdlerClutching
Gates SVS4/C10.56 2.3/8$2667.21
(1)  Horsepower rating calculated using Gates Design Flex software for a single belt at 1750 rpm and a 1:1 speed ratio on a 9” pulley
(2) Horsepower rating calculated using Gates Design Flex software for a single belt at 1750 rpm and a 1:1 speed ratio on a 7” pulley
Compatible Pulleys / Sheaves:
Recommended Pulleys or Sheaves for Heavy Duty Applications

Multi-Duty Sheave or Pulley (Fixed diameter for single or multi belt drives)

SVS  Adjustable Speed Sheave or Pulley (Adjustable pitch diameter for multi belt drives)

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